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One 2 Ka 4 2001 Hindi 500MB HDRip 720p HEVC

IMDB Rating: 5.5/10.Directed: Shashilal K. Nair.

Released Date: 30 March 2001.Types: Action,Comedy,Drama.

Movie Stars: Shah Rukh Khan, Jackie Shroff, Juhi Chawla.Movie Name: One 2 Ka 4 2001 Hindi 500MB HDRip 720p HEVC.

Movie Quality: 720p HEVC HDRip.Movie Size: 501MB.


One 2 Ka 4 2001 Hindi 500MB HDRip 720p HEVC Javed Abbas (Jackie Shroff) is widowed Police Officer by the whole of four children. His aide is Arun Verma (Shahrukh Khan). Both Javed and Arun are pure as the driven snow, hard-working and diligent. And this cause the “death” of Javed in latent circumstances. After Javed’s downfall, Arun takes from one end to the other the responsiblity of looking trailing his four children. He does stump into either problems and decides to bait the hold of Geeta Choudhary (Juhi chawla), who cleanly agrees and moves in mutually him and the four children. The children amount expected asked an bat of an eye liking to Geeta, and things appear to be to end down. One second Arun finds unsound that his lost partner’s lap of the god was sure thing a homicide. When he attempts to runs it up a flagpole, charges of drug-trafficking, and bribery are brought on the wrong track against him, He finds on the wrong track that Geeta is not what she claims to be, and is source of income a replicate life One 2 Ka 4 2001 Hindi 500MB HDRip 720p HEVC.

One 2 Ka 4 2001 Hindi 500MB HDRip 720p HEVC

The story is about two friends and cops, Javed Abbas (Jackie Shroff) and Arun Verma (Shahrukh Khan), who are both Special Task Force officers and partners. Javed is a widower who is bringing up his 4 children with a lot of love and effort while Arun is his carefree, hotheaded, trigger-happy albeit well-meaning subordinate and brother-like friend. Arun doesn't like Javed's four children, just like he doesn't like any kid, nor do the four children like him. KKV (Nirmal Pandey) is a local drug lord that the entire police department have always been desperate to bring him to justice. But due to KKV's broad connection in the police department, nobody ever manages to find any solid proof against him.

With the help of an informer, police catch KKV's group red handed while he is dealing drugs. But later someone replaces the drugs detained from KKV with sugar, making KKV released, which makes it very clear that someone in the police department is working for KKV. The Police Commissioner (Akash Khurana) is eager to find out that traitor.

Geeta (Juhi Chawla) is Javed's friend. Once she meets Arun, and falls in love with him at the first sight, but Arun shows no special interest in her and always avoids her.

While on a subsequent drug raid, Javed is shot dead by an unknown assailant. Before the mission, Javed wrote a letter to Arun, asking Arun to take care of his four kids if he does not survive. As Javed's best friend, in spite of not liking kids, Arun decides to adopt Javed's children, instead of sending them to an orphanage. Arun also engages with Geeta so that he can have her helping him taking care of those children. Arun also develops his feeling for Geeta gradually. Arun's life becomes difficult as his salary is not enough to support so many people.

In a visit to KKV's club to warn him, Arun unexpectedly finds that Geeta is the dancer at that club. Arun becomes angry with Geeta, not only because he thinks bar dancer is a filthy job, but also because he thinks Geeta has long been cheating him by pretending to be decent. When he returns home later, he confronts Geeta and questions her for that, but the children all say that Geeta was with them all the day, making Arun have to believe that the bar dancer is another person that simply looks like Geeta.

Under the pressure of living, Arun robs KKV. He takes a big amount of money from KKV, which he knew was dirty money, and buys a big house for his family. Arun gets arrested immediately, not for the robbery, but however for illegal drug possession. He is charged with being KKV's spy as police identifies that the drugs found in his house belongs to KKV. Obviously, Arun is trapped by someone, but he does not know who trapped him. In the court. Geeta also testifies against Arun, however, not as his fiancee, but as a secret police officer who worked at KKV's bar -- yes, the bar dancer whom Arun saw before -- and the witness of Arun's robbery. Arun is therefore suspended from duty until further trial.


Arun now does not believe anyone anymore, he decides to find the killer of Javed and the spy for KKV by his own. He questions a police officer at his home, whom he believes to be corrupted. The officer admits he is a spy for KKV, but follows the order of JD, another police officer. He also says he does not know who killed Javed, but JD does. Arun kills him and heads for JD's house.

On his way to JD's house, Arun calls Geeta for help, who was with the Police Commissioner when answering the phone call. With the permission of the Commissioner, Geeta joins Arun to question JD, only to find JD was killed right before they arrive. They believe the Police Commissioner is the spy as he is the only third person that knows they are heading for JD.

Arun rushes to the Police Commissioner's house and thrashes him, but the latter denies being a spy for KKV. Geeta goes to CBI Chief's house to report the situation, who is the superior of the Police Commissioner, but she finds KKV is in the Chief's house with him, making her immediately realize the Chief is the real spy as he might have known the plan from the Commissioner. The Chief and KKV try to kill Geeta, but she manages to escape.

Geeta visits Arun and the Commissioner and tells them her findings about the Chief. The Commissioner is shocked to know that, and he knows that the Chief is going to leave the country very soon. They arrive at the airport to stop the Chief from leaving. During the gunfight at the airport, KKV kills the Chief when taking him as a hostage and inspector Sawant (Raj Zutshi) kills KKV and gets killed by Arun, who reveals himself as the killer of Javed at the final scene.

Shahrukh Khan as ACP Arun Verma
Juhi Chawla as Geeta Chaudhury, Arun's partner
Jackie Shroff as SSP Javed Abbas
Nirmal Pandey as Krishan Kant Virmani (KKV)
Dilip Joshi as Champak
Raj Zutshi as an Inspector Sawant
Akash Khurana as Police Commissioner
Keith Stevenson as CBI Chief
Sahila Chadha as Bipasha
Suresh Chatwal as Inspector Rajendra
Madhur Mittal
Fatima Sana Shaikh
M. Rehman Naushad Ali as broker
Jack Gaud as Shetty

Box office
One 2 Ka 4 grossed ₹11.20 crore (US$1.5 million) in India and $565,000 (₹2.62 crore) in other countries, for a worldwide total of ₹13.82 crore (US$1.8 million), against its ₹12 crore (US$1.6 million) budget. It had a worldwide opening weekend of ₹4.89 crore (US$650,000), and grossed ₹8.01 crore (US$1.1 million) in its first week.[2] It is the 21st-highest-grossing film of 2001 worldwide.[4]

It opened on Friday, 30 March 2001, across 260 screens, and earned ₹77 lakh (US$100,000) nett on its opening day. It grossed ₹2.14 crore (US$280,000) nett in its opening weekend, and had a first week of ₹3.71 crore (US$490,000) nett. The film earned a total of ₹6.63 crore (US$880,000) nett, and was declared "Below Average" by Box Office India.[2] It is the 20th-highest-grossing film of 2001 in India.[5]

It had an opening weekend of $275,000 (₹1.27 crore) and went on to gross $375,000 (₹1.74 crore) in its first week. The film earned a total of $565,000 (₹2.62 crore) at the end of its theatrical run.[2] Overseas, It is the 12th-highest-grossing film of 2001.[6]




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